Who I Am

Lots of you “know me” but do you really?  I was born in WV (Point Pleasant, home of the Mothman) and grew up primarily in Nearby Ravenswood.   High school in Marietta, OH (Class of 1980) graduated top ten percent of my class.  It was there I met Jane Crandall and Ardis Hollins, who taught me about research and history of public speaking.

Research is my passion.  I don’t care what the subject is.  Mrs Hollins was my Debate coach and she really formed my life.  I am fortunate to also be friends with her daughter, who has an artistic talent beyond compare.

When too stressed or sick to write, I like painting cheap dollar store stuff LOL

I love interior decorating and making  house plans, especially research centers and shelters.

My favorite charity is Ronald McDonald House(s) for cash donations and everything else goes into Reading Writing Ravenswood.  Will also occasionally contribute to pet societies, especially ones that are no kill.

One sister, Amy, who is about 8 years younger.  She is awesome.

My kids?  Well I had and buried my first (boy) in 1982.  Then came Ryan (girl) in 1984 with heart and bowel problems (since resolved) and Rachel (girl) in 1986.  Tubes tied in 1987 then welcomed John in 2002.  That’s me, the medical weirdo.  Thank god for a hysterectomy in 2003.

Three different dads, but not embarrassed by that at all.  I’m sure I will write about that sometime.

And even writing that much has tired me.  I have brain cancer, diagnosed May 2020 and stable thanks to massive chemo and last week’s radiation.  But man it left me tired.

SOOO much more to come.  Love you guys.