There are Good People

Many times per day I am asked what I need or given some wonderful gifts. I know how good it is to give, and I am allowing myself to receive gifts. created a list of what I like, what I am allergic to, and other favorites as a guide. I'm NOT asking for anything. If you are cross border shipping please declare a very low value, not the real ones. I have to pay taxes on the amount you choose.

So many kind people have asked what I need, and when I say not much of anything they ask what they CAN do.  I’ve quickly realized it feels good both to give and receive.

The “rules” are they can’t be illegal in any way.  Do not purchase something you can’t afford.  The best things are (almost) free.

Allergies significant to fruit, yogurt and nuts.

Here are my favorite things by topic:

Hand-home mades

Paintings and color sketches.  Bonus thank you’s to your own color sketches of me!

Pottery, made like a fat bottom jug but with a smaller top in about three sizes.  I want them for when I get cut flowers.  Blues and Reds are your go-tos but I’m not picky.  PLEASE sign any pieces

Macramé purse

Posters if paranormal stuff (not science fiction)

Photo print of Harry Price, or anything signed.  Also looking for information (maybe links) about his whole life.  I’ve been working on the possibility of him having an illegitimate daughter for years!

Stained glass art


Large ankle bracelets

Regular bracelets

Rings in size 7-8. I know they will fit somewhere!

**replacement for my Atlantis silver ring  (expensive)**

Tabu powder

House and Home

Candles, all colors and shapes.

Low taper holder

Wide mouth votive candle holders

Bedroom colors=Gold and blue

Livingroom, Dining and kitchen all in Coca color red and white

Full bath a mint green and white
(The other rooms aren’t my problem :0 )


Cheetos Puffs-not the hard ones

Chocolate Rice Cereal

Squirt cheese (I don’t think this is sold in Canada)

Fudge in chocolate, chocolate and peanut butter together, cholate and mint together, peanut butter.

Peas to snack on


Navy Beans and corn bread

Instant mashed potatoes

Cookie types:  Pirate Brand, Soft chocolate cookies, my family recipe for soft raisin cookies, brownies, nobakes

Healthy, body care, first aid

Gentle exfoliate that I can use on my head.  No fruit or nut elements

Face hair removal cream.  I tend to get Nair for sensitive skin

Pretty in my house cane

Pressure stockings (knee high socks)  I wear a size 11 shoe so there are probably XL for that

Vaseline Intensive Care advanced strength.  No other changes in wording to “advanced care” or something.  It has a drop on the lower front with a 5 in it that says rich.  It’s very hard to find and not cheap.

Outrageous stuff

4 days in Bermuda

A ride in a stretch with a few buddies

Attend the Hot Air Balloon festival.  Riding in one would be amazing.

Short time (like a weekend) to the west coast