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And the world turned upside down,  but I tried it.

This is what’s happening, and very quickly; please let me know nicely about corrections. Information on the newer pages will be found there.

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This area will have links on the surprise of CNS Lymphoma gifted to me about a month. Fascinating stuff that might cause you some hurting emotions


Happy to consider hosting a notice of an applicable charity. Send me a note if you want to share the cause. Remember that, although grateful, I don't issue receipts from any organization.

Public Charities will have donor buttons and information but besides the first introduction you will not be approached.

Bare Charities-those who aren’t funded or even have employees- are welcome to be added to the charities list.

GoFundMe submissions have to pass the test of being worthy.  If I think it isn’t a match for, I will explain why.