Manitoba Mystery Beast

In August 2006, CBC News ran a story about a "mysterious" beast. The report said three sled dogs were gutted, and that a strange creature was on the loose. ·

People on a northern Manitoba reserve began avoiding the lake. Chief Joe Dantouze of the Northlands First Nation in Lac Brochet said that he had never seen an animal kill in the manner that befell the dogs. The dogs were found gutted on a island in nearby Reindeer Lake on a Sunday morning and another four dogs also went missing.

The Northlands Denesuline First Nation is located at Lac Brochet, in the northwestern part of Manitoba. The community has a population of 629, and the median age is just under 20 years old.. There are no roads connecting Lac Brochet with other parts of Manitoba.

Manitoba conservation officials took the bodies of the dead dogs for analysis.

Dantouze said some people claimed to haves potted a mysterious creature on the lake, but didn't give a description.

"There were signs that people had seen something out on the lake but they don't know what type of animal it would be," Dantouze said.

People believed the mysterious creature killed the dogs, and locals were afraid to go out of the lake or use nearby beaches. Dantouze said the band has advised people to stay away from the lake.

None of the "witnesses" could say what the "beast" looked like.

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