Holy Cow, dead?

I guess I;m just getting to that age. I visited https://www.jacksonnewspapers.com/obituaries/ and read up on who died since my last visit (I’m morbid) and there were a couple I knew about but holy cow I’ve either lost it in the brain therapy or never knew.

Martha McGoskey I adored growing up. I would have attended her funeral.
Lora Mallet Belue I was quite fond of but I know she was really sick and I think I knew she passed. Her sister Launa and I are still friends.
Heather Christian I really liked—I knew her older brothers. Heather was one tough cookie and thrived much better than expected.
James Morgan I only kind of know. He was older, an athlete, but always seemed like a good guy.
Evelyn Stutler had so many challenges. I didn’t realize she was younger than me!
Now I’m caught up to JP McCoy (6/2021)

That’s a lot of red devils for one summer. RIP all. You live in my memory.