Public Charities will have donor buttons and information but besides the first introduction you will not be approached.

Bare Charities-those who aren’t funded or even have employees- are welcome to be added to the charities list.

GoFundMe submissions have to pass the test of being worthy.  If I think it isn’t a match for, I will explain why.

Why? Not because we will starve and need funds. We are extremely blessed. I'm offering these because they would raise my soul, not my pocket book. There are three ways to spend money to help. Here you go!

Immediate, perosonal support starts at Amazon. The four biggest hits are on Amazon. Check these out-and pretty darned inexpensve too'

Sothern Belle Night
Haunt Cuisine

GoFundMe just got set up for a rather small amount. My daughter and I need to get our dual citizenship and it will cost about $1300