Covid Rant

I'm done.  Just done with the covid craze. I'm triple vaxed, wear masks (correctly) and do my best to social distance. I have terminal brain cancer with about a year left. I have survived an abusive spouse.  I had a baby 13 years after getting my tubes tied. I buried my 1st born the day after he was born.  I have scoliosis with 14 inches of steel in my spine since grade school.  I moved from a tiny town in WV to Toronto Ontario and pretty much adjusted to the different weather and cultures.  I've buried two ex-husbands and married one (for 21 years now) who likely is on the spectrum.  My oldest is a Christian, My middle is basically a hippie (not a bad thing) and my son has some intellectual/learning disability.  I've published four books, been in movies, tv and radio and have now been wheelchair bound for three months since radiation on my brain.  I've lost 200 pounds since 2016.  My mom is one of the LGBT+ and an avid supporter of native Americans.  My brother in law is a Trump supporter.

Bring your best game, Covid.  I got this.