Cancer Sux

Yeah everyone says so but I was completely compliant and truly didn’t complain through two bouts of chemo 5 years just fished a 5day regimen of radiation.  OK it broke me.  Some days I can make it to the bathroom holing walls, and usually I can get into bed but it is pretty high.  Otherwise I’m wheelchair bound.  Considering a hospital bed.  Not all of that is cancer related.  I was in a car wreck on the 401 in 2017.  I haven’t been without at least two Percocet in  years.

Side effect were a bit delayed. The radiation was actually quite nice.  Almost spa like.  Princess Margaret in incredible.  Excellent.  Kind and gentle.  I feel very blessed.  Current thinking is bought me another year.  If I can be strong enough for another month or so it should justify it.  And Canada just spent what, another million just to keep me alive?  I may have to change my attitude toward Canada.

Upside?  I’m not dead and now I’m legit skinny.  They want 20 more pounds on me asap.  180 is the goal, and I can’t anything but liquid down .  Thankful for Tomlinson Soup and Instant Breakfast.

Downside? Currently unable to process more than  one task at a time.  Three weeks ago I could pee, plan a wedding and check email all at the same time no problem.   It’s quite frustrating but they tell  me cognizance gets better, mostly. 

Immediate problems are occasional breathing (spontaneously filling with phlegm), new pain on a new spot on my toe—probably broken toe.  No idea how but it does happen sometimes.  Can’t eat…

Mostly my issue is about those wanting to help.  Sometimes there is nothing I actually need—well most of the time actually.  Should I set up some sort of patreon or similar?  This round of debilitation I have learned so much.

So here is the kind of things I adore

Dollar store arts and crafts, paint, coloring books, frames of all sizes and types

Shipped from the US-sausage gravy, US Mountain Dew, frenchcut green beans randomly sent to my address.. No ocean fish or nuts or fruit

Starbucks (Canada gift cards or Mocha Frappe)
McDonalds, Wendy’s, Walmart, Amazon (Canadian) cards

Word and Logic puzzle magazine

Anything Celtic

Cash is always good LOL

Note here that I am NOT asking for anything, just noting the things I like.  It would also make me happy to accept books (from Ravenswood Authors) and cash donations to ReadWriteRavenswood.  I will be posting how to do that soon.

First board meeting 22 October 2021 at 10 am.  Contact for details—all are welcome.