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Triedit.net was born late in 1999 as a place to keep all of my online odds and ends.  Since then it has grown to include special sections  like Paranormal Research and Genealogy among others.  In 2016 I realized that  it had become more than a little unwieldy and I set out to edit, consolidate and update everything on all of my sites, linking them all here.  I upgraded to a better server, which involved all sorts of technical issues, and basically shut down the site pending editing and database restore.

Then there was a series of unfortunate events.  In August 2016 I was diagnosed with lymphoma (successful chemo ended January 2017).  I started easing back into work in August 2017 and in mid November I was involved in a rather significant motor vehicle accident.  I sustained multiple injuries, including a small brain bleed.  All work on the site stopped again.  About 6 months later I had to be hospitalized with life threatening pneumonia.

I spent the next year relearning just about everything intellectual and finding ways to adapt to the “new normal”, as all my therapists called it.  Eventually, I took some online courses on how to build sites-something I was previously able to do almost without a second thought.

It is now January 2020 and I have managed to get a little bit done.  It is excruciatingly frustrating; I can still remember how easy it used to be and that haunts me.  I have a million ideas and very little ability to organize them and press forward.

I have a lot of people to thank, not the least of which is the core group of family, friends, fans, and colleagues who have supported me through this nightmare.  I am eternally grateful.